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Political Science

-By N Arora

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Book Summary

Political Science, published in 2011, is a guide that aims to help candidates prepare for the State Civil Services and other competitive examinations. Political science is the study of politics and policies of different nations and governments. This subject focuses on political systems and behaviours, and studies the theory behind the practical aspects of politics. In India, this discipline is a part of the Civil Services examinations. The Civil Services of India is responsible for the administration of the Government of India. The recruitment process of this state level exam consists of three stages, with the first two being written exams. The course content includes topics such as governance, land revenue, polity, forests, the Constitution, and more. Students must first pass the preliminary examination paper in order to qualify for the main test. Political Science is a book that covers the entire syllabus, and helps candidates get ready for the written stages. The book contains twenty-four chapters, some of which are Legislature in India, Party system, Public Opinion, Pressure Groups, Coalitional Governments, Democracy, Representation, Electoral System, Bureaucracy, Development, Social Movements, Fundamental Rights & Duties, The Executive in India, Forms of Government, Typologies of Constitutions, and The Judiciary in India. The pages of this book are filled with detailed explanations of important principles, concepts, and ideas of political science. Some topics covered are Gandhism, Sovereignty, and Panchayats. Each topic is discussed thoroughly, making it easy for readers to grasp the subject. Political Science contains model questions with each chapter. The answers are also included in the guide. Five model test papers as well as five solved preliminary question sets have been incorporated into the text. Practising the test papers will help candidates in learning about the format of the final examinations. Those who are eager to excel in the written exams of the Civil Services will find this book to be very valuable. short..

Specification of Name of the book

Book Details
ISBN-13 9780071074780
Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill Education India
Imprint India School
Number of Pages
Publication Date 07032011
Language English
Binding Paperback

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