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How to Buy Your First Home (and How to Sell it Too)

-By Phil Spencer

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Book Summary

Learn how to find your perfect pad; choose which mortgage is right for you; negotiate with estate agents and sellers; and organise exchange and completion. This book includes tips and a trouble-shooting section that helps a first-time buyer. It shows how to sell your home?

Want to own your own home, but not sure where to start? Need some friendly advice from a property professional? In How to Buy Your First Home, property expert Phil Spencer takes the worry out of the property market. Breaking everything down into simple and achievable steps, he makes this daunting process easy. Learn how to: - Find your perfect pad - Choose which mortgage is right for you - Negotiate with estate agents and sellers - Organise exchange and completion Including indispensable advice, money-saving tips and an essential trouble-shooting section, this guide covers everything a first-time buyer needs to know. And when it's time to move on again, this book will show you how to sell your home too. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780091935375
Publisher Ebury Press
Imprint Vermilion
Number of Pages 320
Publication Date 05052011
Binding Paperback

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