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Forgotten Fruits: The Stories Behind Britain's Traditional Fruit and Vegetables

-By Christopher Stocks

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Book Summary

Tells the stories behind Britain's rich heritage of fruit and vegetables. This book features the social and natural history that can appeal to gardeners and food aficionados.

In "Forgotten Fruits", Christopher Stocks tells the fascinating - often rather bizarre - stories behind Britain's rich heritage of fruit and vegetables. Take Newton Wonder apples, for instance, first discovered around 1870 allegedly growing in the thatch of a Derbyshire pub. Or the humble gooseberry which, among other things, helped Charles Darwin to arrive at his theory of evolution. Not to mention the ubiquitous tomato, introduced to Britain from South America in the sixteenth century but regarded as highly poisonous for nearly 200 years. This is a wonderful piece of social and natural history that will appeal to every gardener and food aficionado. short..

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ISBN-13 9780099514749
Publisher Cornerstone
Imprint Windmill Books
Number of Pages 320
Publication Date 07052009
Binding Paperback

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