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Surveying Fundamentals and Practices

-By Jerry A. Nathanson

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Book Summary

Surveying Fundamentals and Practices, Sixth Edition, covers up-to-date surveying technology without losing perspective of the need to provide students with a strong foundation in traditional surveying fundamentals. Through clear explanations and applied examples, the text presents the methods of measuring and computing distances, angles, and directions. It provides students with a firm grasp of modern equipment and office and field procedures related to horizontal control surveys, property surveys, topographic surveys, roadway curve calculations, and construction layout surveys. The sixth edition offers students a "user-friendly" text that they will be able to rely on as a meaningful learning tool in class and at home. Plus! A companion student website, "MyConstructionKit", is now available! *MyConstructionKit is an online resource that offers a wealth of study tools to engage students for a variety of Pearson construction management, architecture, and civil engineering technology textbooks! short..

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ISBN-13 9780135000373
Publisher Pearson Education (US)
Imprint Prentice Hall
Number of Pages 360
Publication Date 15032010
Language English
Binding Paperback

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