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Ice Candy Man

-By Bapsi Sidhwa

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Book Summary

The story of the upheaval of the 1974 partition of India seen through the eyes of a Parsee girl growing up in Lahore. Through her relationships with her Hindu Ayah, the Muslim cook, the Sikh zoo attendant and the ice candy man, she shows how ordinary citizens reacted to the horrific turmoil.

Ice Candy Man is a story set in Lahore, against the troubled background of the Partition - a narrative by a young girl called Lenny. She cannot walk and is taken care of by her Ayah named Shanta, who happens to be extremely gorgeous. Lenny is from the Parsi community, and Shanta is a Hindu. After the news of Partition spreads and communal mutinies begin in Lahore, Shanta is compelled to leave Lenny’s house, although the Parsi community is safe. The ice candy man, one of her ardent admirers, takes her with him. The Pir Pindo village, where all the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs once lived in peace and harmony, becomes a place where anxiety and hostility are inflicted into people’s minds by the politicians. Children are murdered, women are raped and the scenery of the village suffers an irrevocable transformation. Ice Candy Man depicts how people lose their calm in a fraction of a second when passions and sentiments run high. This novel becomes more heart-wrenching with a child’s perspective on all the gory events, while she is coming of age in tremendously demanding times. The film 1947: Earth, by Deepa Mehta, is based on this novel. short..

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ISBN-13 9780140117677
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint Penguin Books Ltd
Number of Pages 288
Publication Date 27071989
Language English
Binding Paperback

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