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The Complete Poems

-By Christina G. Rossetti

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Book Summary

This is a complete collection of the poetry of Christina Rossetti, whose work ranges from poems of fantasy and verses for the young, to ballads - "Goblin Market" - love lyrics, sonnets and religious poetry.

Rossetti is unique among Victorian poets for the sheer range of her subject matter and the variety of her verse form. This collection brings together fantasy poems, such as Goblin Market, and terrifyingly vivid verses for children, love lyrics and sonnets, and the vast body of her devotional poetry. Rossetti's poems weave connections between love and death, triumph and loss, heavenly joys and earthly pleasures. The directness and clarity of her lyrics still have the power to startle us with their truth and beauty. short..

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ISBN-13 9780140423662
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint Penguin Classics
Number of Pages 1280
Publication Date 26072001
Binding Paperback

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