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Who Let the Dork Out?

-By Sidin Vadukut

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Book Summary

Who Let The Dork Out? is the final novel of the Dork series, and revolves around the protagonist, Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese, who is asked by the Indian PM to save the Allied Victory Games.

Who Let The Dork Out?, published in 2012, is the third book of the Dork series. These novels present a satirical picture of Indian politics and the management consulting industry. In Who Let The Dork Out?, readers will realize that the Allied Victory Games, which will be held in New Delhi, are just twelve months away. Much like the real-life Commonwealth Games, the author shows how the Ministry for Urban Regeneration and Public Sculpture is completely unprepared. This department was founded by the PM specifically to oversee that the preparations take place on time, but the ministry is way behind schedule. As always, the politicians are playing the blame game, as the media continues to brew a huge controversial storm. The department has even forgotten that the sport of Taekwondo is also a part of AVG. Badrikedar Laxmanrao Dahake, a minister in charge of the Games, finds himself being questioned by journalists, Lok Sabha members, and a persistent BBC reporter who conducts all his interviews in English. To make matters worse, Dahake also has to deal with the Prime Minister. He decides that the best way out of this chaos is to resign from his post. However, to his surprise, Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is bought in to clean up the mess. This man is an international financial genius, an expert strategist, and media specialist. He is the head of the Delhi Lederman office, and becomes the unlikely savior of the Games. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780143414094
Publisher Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd
Imprint Penguin Books India
Number of Pages 256
Publication Date 30092012
Language English
Binding Paperback

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