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Administrative Change and Innovation: A Reader

-By Bidyut Chakrabarty

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Book Summary

This reader discusses the essential dynamics and change involved in administrative systems and how change and innovation affects governance. The volume compiles substantial annotated material and presents a well-rounded view on administrative reform.

Administrative reform and innovation are the most important mantras in public administration today. This is the follow up reader on public Administration which feeds into the course on administrative change offered at institutes of public administration and management in government centres in addition to PG level courses in select universities including IGNOU. The reader discusses the essential dynamic and change involved in administrative systems. With substantial annotated material from the volume editors which blends the theoretical implications of administrative changes with useful and highly comparative cases, this volume seeks to understand how change and innovation affects governance, how the administrative system copes with the needs of innovative management. The volume argues that set in the systemic ecological perspective, administrative change would involve not only the changes within the adminsitrative system but also modifications in the functioning of the system. Change is very often introduced to bring about a holistic transformation of the organization or bureaucratic complex, sometimes due to ideological exigencies and shifts in practices of governance. short..

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ISBN-13 9780195673272
Publisher Oxford University Press
Imprint Oxford University Press
Number of Pages 384
Publication Date 14072005
Binding Undefined

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