Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

Shashikant K. Duggal

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Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

-By Shashikant K. Duggal

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Book Summary

Earthquake-resistant Design of Structures 2e is designed for undergraduate students of civil engineering.

It aims to explain the different sources of damage that can be triggered by an earthquake and the conceptual method of earthquake-resistant design. The book would also be useful for postgraduate students of civil engineering, practising engineers, and architects. Beginning with an introduction to earthquakes and ground motion, the book provides a detailed coverage of structures and soil in terms of their seismic response. The need for placing emphasis on conceptual design is covered in detail by enumerating factors that cause damage and by offering guidelines for efficient seismic-resistant design, with special attention to timber, masonry, concrete, and steel buildings. short..

Specification of Name of the book

Book Details
ISBN-13 9780198083528
Publisher OUP India
Imprint OUP India
Number of Pages 528
Publication Date 03102013
Binding Paperback

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