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Boundaries of Religion: Essays on Christianity, Ethnic Conflict, and Violence

-By Rowena Robinson

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Book Summary

The essays in this volume map the course of ethnic conflict and popular Christianity in India. This is a collection of the author's engagement with these issues over the past two decades. The book will help in understanding the condition of minorities, especially Christians, in India.

Religion continues to play a significant role in contemporary India. Boundaries of Religion is a collection of essays that brings together some of Rowena Robinson's seminal writings, spanning over the past two decades, on ethnic conflict and popular Christianity in India. With the author's interest turning to the study of non-Hindu communities, specifically Christians, and their field of interaction with Hindus, this book brings to fore the various manifestations of religion in ritual and practice specifically, and, on a broader scale, its relation to politics and the state. It focuses on making an attempt to understand how minorities are identified, defined, and categorized by legal and institutional processes. short..

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ISBN-13 9780198090403
Publisher OUP India
Imprint OUP India
Number of Pages 318
Publication Date 25072013
Binding Hardback

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