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Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education

-By John Robert Dew

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Book Summary

Leaders in higher education, who are now forced to deal with the topic of continuous improvement in the re-accreditation process, will find in this book a framework in which to apply and understand the CI theory and methods in a widely diverse range of higher education institutions.

There is great variation among higher education institutions, and a wide range of approaches to Continuous Improvement. Dew and Nearing acknowledge that the mistaken impression may exist that there is not a defined body of knowledge from which higher education leaders can draw when designing a journey toward excellence in the context of any specific institution. The authors have found a solid body of knowledge that will add value to leaders in any of these various settings. Continuous improvement is so important for leaders in higher education today because they find it now being embedded in the re-accreditation process for many accrediting associations. This book will give background by providing historical perspective on pioneering institutions in Continuous Improvement. Additionally, it offers insights on how to obtain stakeholder feedback through surveys and focus groups. Dew and Nearing address the issue of strategic planning from a CI perspective and include concepts to improve academic programs. They also fulfill their goal of bringing structure to the chaotic issue of measurement and feedback in the higher education setting. short..

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ISBN-13 9780275983895
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Imprint Praeger Publishers Inc
Number of Pages 208
Publication Date 10082004
Binding Hardback

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