The Art of Raising a Puppy

The Monks of New Skete

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The Art of Raising a Puppy

-By The Monks of New Skete

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Book Summary

The essential guide for puppy owners - the half million copy bestseller widely recognised as a classic work - revised and updated for the first time in two decades

Everything you need to know about the crucial first months of your puppy's life. From the decision to adopt a puppy through the practical steps of choosing the right breed, preparing your home, caring for your new charge and practising basic obedience exercises, the Monks of New Skete offer clear, compassionate guidelines for raising a puppy. Renowned for breeding German shepherds, the Monks train their own dogs according to a unique programme based on understanding canine behaviour and enhancing the bond between dog and owner. This communion begins in puppyhood and is based on deep respect and affection. Improper care, poor training, or a lack of attention during the early months can lead to problem behaviours that become increasingly difficult to alter as your dog matures. By learning how to assert your dominance gently from the start, you'll build a lasting and loving relationship with your puppy. short..

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ISBN-13 9780316083270
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Imprint Little, Brown & Company
Number of Pages 336
Publication Date 04082011
Binding Hardback

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