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How Not to Decorate

-By Colin McAllister

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Book Summary

The nation's homes are in peril. Meet the cure. COLIN AND JUSTIN'S HOW NOT TO DECORATE.

Colin Mc Allister and Justin Ryan have saved hundreds of homes from style hell. Now you can follow their simple and effective advice and transform your own home. And while you're at it you can laugh and shriek at all the 'before' pictures from their travels. Who said interior design had to be all work and no fun? - Find out if you are a design diva or a design dodo - Work out the best place for your collection of trolls* - Learn the principles of colour coordination - Become a style guru and watch your neighbours bow down before your genius - Discover why peach is the work of Satan Let Colin and Justin guide you - room by room - through everything that is bad, wrong, and just plain evil in interior design. Step away from the MDF and put down your stencil kit - it's time to learn how NOT to decorate. * the bin, of course short..

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ISBN-13 9780316731997
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Little, Brown Book Group
Number of Pages 256
Publication Date 24102005
Binding Hardback

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