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The Wonder That was India (Volume - 2)

-By S A A Rizvi

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Book Summary

The Wonder That Was India II, by S. A. A. Rizvi, is a radical analysis of India’s history during the Islamic rule and the condition of the subcontinent under their political authority.

Based on thorough research and exploration into the past, Rizvi brings out the political, societal, economical, religious, art and architectural and other facets of India under the Islamic rule. The span of time in India from the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries has seen the advent of the Arabs, Afghans, Turks and the Mughals. More than a billion people’s lives changed due to endless exchange of culture and other ideas in all spheres of life. This work, along with A. L. Basham's book, The Wonder That Was India, provides a comprehensive and riveting outlook of the pre-colonial times in the history of India. short..

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ISBN-13 9780330439107
Publisher Panmacmillan
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Language English
Binding Paperback

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