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A Twist in the Tale & As the Crow Flies (2 in 1)

-By Jeffrey Archer

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Book Summary

A Twist in The Tale is a collection of twelve short stories which are based on known incidents. A finance minister who vows to rid his country of corruption, a loophole that is exploited, a deceit in friendship, and a game of chess with stakes higher than cash form the plot of a few of the stories. A conceited man is justly treated, a vain army man learns a lesson in humanity, and an arrogant man who gets his comeuppance are the subjects of the next few short stories included. Perfect murders performed, a young boy with a zest to work, and the consequences of envy are the last few topics to be covered in this book. Each story is different in mood, character, and intensity, but the commonality lies in the twist in the climax of each. As The Crow Flies was published in the year 1991. As a little boy, Charlie Trumper dreamt of owning the biggest barrow in the world. After the death of his grandfather, the best fruit and vegetable seller in Whitechapel, the onus of his barrow falls on Charlie. Facing all odds and a scheming adversary, he fights his way up the ladder. Covering various aspects of a business, this book has been rated as a good read for those interested in the financial market. Former Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, bestselling English author, Jeffrey Archer was born in London in the year 1940. He gained an academic qualification in teaching from the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. He worked at a charity fundraiser and began his own company, Arrow Enterprises, in 1969. His first book, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less became a massive success on its release in USA in 1976. Kane and Abel became his most popular work and found a place in the New York Times bestsellers list. It was also made into a mini-series on television in 1985. He wrote a number of plays, novels, short stories, and children’s books. Few of his notable works are, The Eleventh Commandment, Paths of Glory, The Sins of The Father, The Prodigal Daughter, False Impression, Beyond Reasonable Doubt, To Cut a Long Story Short, and Cat O’Nine Tales. short..

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ISBN-13 9780330457750
Publisher PAN BOOKS
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Language English
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