The Push Guide to Which University: 2007

Johnny Rich

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The Push Guide to Which University: 2007

-By Johnny Rich

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Book Summary

"PUSH Guide to Which University 2007" is a student guide.

The Push Guide to Which University is the UK's leading guide to higher education and student life. It features institution-by-institution profiles providing prospective students with all the facts, figures and advice to make the right choice of university, all written in a humorous, accessible and ruthlessly independent style. * The Guide provides crucial profiles on courses, costs, entrance requirements, job prospects, accommodation, entertainments, welfare and sports facilities available at every campus in the UK. * The Push Guide is unique in that it is the only truly independent guide that visits every university in the UK every year. * 'Like it is' advice on how to choose the right university and how to get a place by making the most of the application system. * Statistical tables and top tens comparing universities on a wide and exclusive range of key criteria. * New edition contains over 20,000 updates and new updated design. * The content is supported by further information and updates on Push Online at * Since its launch in 1993, The Push Guide has gained the loyalty of students, parents, teachers and careers advisors. Now in its twelfth edition, it is the leading resource for reliable, lively and unbiased information on universities today. * For the first time, the Guide is published in association with The Independent Newspaper, which will provide excellent marketing and promotional support. The Push Guides tell students the real story and tell it straight. All guides are written and researched by students and recent graduates, with a unique team of on-the-ground student researchers interviewing thousands of students every year about the real issues that concern them. It is the indispensable guide to what university will really be like. short..

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ISBN-13 9780340929582
Publisher Hodder Education
Imprint Hodder Arnold
Number of Pages 672
Publication Date 30062006
Binding Paperback

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