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In the Dead of Summer

-By Gillian Roberts

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Book Summary

FULL OF PLEASURES . . . Roberts gives Amanda an appealingly dry wit." --Publishers Weekly While teaching summer school at exclusive Philly Prep, English teacher Amanda Pepper feels a sense of foreboding. First, a reading of Romeo and Juliet activates some very strange chemistry. Then the computer science teacher begins receiving anonymous go-back-to-Africa phone calls. A young Vietnamese boy dies in a drive-by shooting. And late one night, outside a Chinatown massage parlor, student April Tuong is kidnapped. Random violence? Perhaps. But Amanda refuses to let gentle April vanish without at least asking a few questions, starting in her own classroom. Yet the truth, when she finds it, is appalling, deadly, and much too close to home. . . . "Tart-tongued, warm-hearted Amanda's fifth case is as engaging as her others, and here she gets to do more detection than usual." --Kirkus Reviews "Gillian Roberts is a mystery reader's dream come true." --Lia Matera short..

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ISBN-13 9780345406507
Publisher Random House Publishing Group
Number of Pages
Publication Date
Language English
Binding Paperback

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