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The Evolution of God: The Origins of Our Beliefs

-By Robert Wright

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Book Summary

* A visionary look at spirituality through the ages from the writer whose books are 'a feast of great thinking and writing about the most profound issues.' New York Times

In The Evolution of God, Robert Wright, award-winning author of the bestselling books Nonzero and The Moral Animal, takes us on a sweeping journey through religious history, from the Stone Age to the Information Age, unveiling along the way an astonishing discovery: that there is a hidden pattern in the way that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all evolved. Through the prisms of archaeology, theology, evolutionary psychology and a careful re-reading of the scriptures, Wright's findings repeatedly overturn conventional wisdom and basic assumptions about the great monotheistic faiths. Looking at the forces that have moved the Abrahamic faiths away from belligerence and intolerance to a higher moral plane, Wright finds that this previously unrecognized evolutionary logic points not toward continued religious extremism as the media would have us believe, but towards future harmony. short..

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ISBN-13 9780349122465
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Abacus
Number of Pages 576
Publication Date 04112010
Binding Paperback

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