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When A Hero Comes Along

-By Teresa Southwick

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Book Summary

The return of the father When Joe Morgan showed up again on Kate Carpenter's doorstep, the E.R. nurse didn't know what to think. After Kate had discovered she was pregnant, she'd waited to hear from the helicopter pilot and on-duty marine. Nothing. So why would the man who had left without a second glance suddenly return to her life? Joe wanted to be a father to J.T., and Kate wouldn't stand in his way. She couldn't know that during Joe's harrowing tour of duty, thinking of his sonand of herhad kept him alive. But would the demons of the past prevent Joe from repairing the damage to Kate's heart and embracing his family for keeps? short..

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ISBN-13 9780373249046
Publisher Silhouette
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Language English
Binding Paperback

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