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Family Vault

-By Charlotte Macleod

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Book Summary

Great-uncle Frederick could be counted on to be difficult to the end, and beyond. Sarah Kelling is therefore not surprised when her relative\'s burial has to be switched at the last minute to a long-abandoned family vault in an historic Beacon Hill cemetery. She is, however, as appalled as the rest of her blue-blood clan when the ruby-studded skeleton of a flamboyant burlesque queen, who had vanished some thirty years before, turns up in Uncle Fred\'s chosen resting place. The Kellings have barely gotten former Fred decently interred before Sarah begins to realize that she and her family are somehow at the vortex of a complex murder plot that stretches far into the past and is moving, inexorably and horrifyingly, into the present. Charlotte MacLeod has written short stories and articles for both adults and children, several teen-age mystery novels, and ASTROLOGY FOR SKEPTICS, which has been published both in the United States and abroad. short..

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ISBN-13 9780380490806
Publisher Avon Books (mm)
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Language English
Binding Paperback

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