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My One and Only

-By MacKenzie Taylor

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Book Summary

Just Who Does He Think He Is?When Abby Lee strides into the office of cool, collected business mogul Ethan Maddux begging for his help, he agrees to give her ten minutes out of his oh-so-busy day -- and not a second more. Abby certainly knows that time is money -- but this is ridiculous! Ethan might be sexy and he might run a huge corporation, but if he does everything this fast, well, it\'s no wonder he\'s still single.Ethan knows he\'s the only man who can rescue Abby\'s boss from financial ruin, and he makes it clear he\'s not going to be easily won over. What he\'s confused about is how he could be losing his heart to this pesky, annoying ... utterly adorable... woman. And when Abby is threatened, Ethan realizes that there might be more to life than business ... and more to love than a mere merging of worldly goods! short..

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ISBN-13 9780380819379
Publisher Avon Books
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Language English
Binding Paperback