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Early North America in Global Perspective

-By Philip D. Morgan

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Book Summary

Early North American history is a field in flux. In the last thirty years, the field of Atlantic History has transformed scholarly studies of colonial America, bringing to light the many connections linking the Americas to Africa and Europe. Recently, though, historians have begun to question the utility of the Atlantic framework. Some suggest that it overlooks global phenomena, while others argue for a hemispheric or continental perspective on North America's early history. Early North America in Global Perspective collects the most interesting and innovative scholarly approaches to these questions. Anchored by a robust introduction that guides the reader through the various conceptual arguments, the fourteen essays gathered here introduce students to some of the finest historians of early America working in expansive and stimulating ways. These essays capture the complexity of North America's past and are in tune with the global influences that shape its present. short..

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ISBN-13 9780415808842
Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Imprint Routledge
Number of Pages 320
Publication Date 27082013
Language English
Binding Paperback

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