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Safe Harbor

-By Christine Feehan

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Book Summary

Feehan kicks off episode five of her popular Drake Sisters series -- concerning a septet of paranormally gifted sibs -- with everything her fans have come to expect: action, gunplay, danger, bad guys, good guys, gorgeous women and magic. All that's missing are her spicy love scenes; those come later, and their promise is enough to keep pages turning. On top of that promise, however, is the intriguing mystery of the supermodel slasher, who attacks shy-but-smoldering Hannah, one of the sisters, at New York's annual Fashion Week. Hunky Sheriff Jonas Harrington, a longtime family friend, is fresh from a life-threatening encounter with the Russian mob when he witnesses, on live TV, Hannah getting cut down by a madman with a knife. After the sisters rush to her side, saving her with their combined powers, Jonas vows to hunt down the assailant--but his unrequited love for Hannah complicates matters. This winning series entry is sure to please devotees and shouldn't provide much difficulty for curious newbies. short..

Specification of Name of the book

Book Details
ISBN-13 9780515143188
Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
Imprint Jove Publications
Number of Pages 384
Publication Date 31072007
Language English
Binding Paperback

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