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The Dragon Prophecy

-By Geronimo Stilton

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Book Summary

The Dragon Prophecy is Geronimo’s fourth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy.

Geronimo Stilton lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. He is a mouse who fits the popular conception of mice which are timid and shy. But, he has a group of friends and relatives who always drag him off on one adventure after another. The first time Geronimo discovered the Kingdom of Fantasy, it was on a dazzling, danger filled trip, with strange and weird companions. Since then, he has made three more trips to that fantastic land. He did not expect to visit that land again anytime soon. After a busy day at his newspaper, he has to play his part in a special function at The Museum of Natural History. Looking forward to some peace and quiet and a good rest when he gets home, he is in for a surprise. Just as he is about to go to sleep, he receives visitors from the Kingdom of Fantasy. They are his old friends, Scribblehopper, the frog, and the Dragon of the Rainbows. They have an urgent message for him. Princess Sterling of the Silver Dragons needs his help. On Geronimo’s last visit, she had helped him save the princess of the fairies. So, he certainly owes her a favor. He goes off on a mission again to the magical kingdom. The last of the surviving dragon eggs has been stolen. Sterling wants his help in recovering it. If that egg is not recovered, it will result in the extinction of dragons. So, Geronimo has to play the role of the reluctant hero again. As usual, this Geronimo adventure too contains many colorful characters, puzzles to be solved, and strange mysteries. The Dragon Prophecy takes him through the lands of many magical creatures and the readers learn about fairies and dragons and other exotic creatures in the course of an interesting adventure. short..

Specification of Name of the book

Book Details
ISBN-13 9780545393515
Publisher Scholastic US
Imprint Scholastic US
Number of Pages 310
Publication Date 01102012
Language English
Binding Hard Cover

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