Hamlyn Quickcook: 50 Recipes (Free Taster)

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Hamlyn Quickcook: 50 Recipes (Free Taster)


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Book Summary

Enjoy this free taste of Hamlyn QuickCook - the ingenious new series from the world's leading cookery brand.

QuickCook helps you create wonderful meals even when you're rushed off your feet. Every book contains 360 time-busting recipes using only simple ingredients and speedy methods. Each page presents a recipe with three variations to suit your schedule; which can be completed in 30, 20 or 10 minutes. Enjoy 50 new recipes in this free eBook. From indulgent desserts to healthy feasts, comforting roasts to zingy Asian flavours and refreshing salads to budget eats - there's something in QuickCook to suit your every mood, as well as your busy evenings. With a whole series to fit every eventuality, QuickCooks are available as eBooks and splash-proof cookbooks. Choose one to suit your tastes and lifestyle or get the whole set and start the ultimate culinary collection. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780600625834
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group (DIgital)
Imprint Hamlyn
Number of Pages 750
Publication Date 01052012
Binding Electronic book text

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