The Bee Keeper's Problem Solver

James E. Tew

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The Bee Keeper's Problem Solver

-By James E. Tew

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Book Summary

Solutions to the 100 most common issues with keeping bees.

With the rise in popularity of beekeeping, it's more important than ever that new starters and even seasoned beekeepers are able to solve their bee problems. The Bee Keeper's Problem Solver provides the information you need to handle problems without stress, and even avoid them to begin with. It contains 100 common problems faced by bee keepers, explaining what the cause is and how to manage it. Each one is tackled in depth, with full-colour photographs and diagrams, as well as a wide range of practical tips and useful insights. Whether you're just starting out and deciding where would make the best apiary site and what equipment you will need, or figuring out how to produce good honey and treating pests and diseases - this book holds the answer to your questions and problems. short..

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ISBN-13 9780600630128
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Imprint Hamlyn
Number of Pages 224
Publication Date 06042015
Binding Hardback

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