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Clients for Life: How Great Professionals Develop Breakthrough Relationships

-By Jagdish N. Sheth

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Book Summary

A guide to developing stable, enduring business relationships. It features interviews with CEOs of leading corporations, outlines proven skills and techniques and shows readers how to build trust through consistency and reliability and practice "big picture thinking".

Finally, the first in-depth, client-tested, jargon-free guide to developing stable, enduring business relationships. Business consulting and related professional services represent a 350 billion dollar industry- and they're growing in a huge way. But things aren't as rosy as this figure might suggest. All too many consulting jobs, are brief, one-shot engagements- situations by which most professionals can't survive. The most pressing concern today for six million professional advisors is this: In our bottom-line era, how can I make myself stand out and become indispensable to my clients for the long haul? CLIENTS FOR LIFE has the answers. Featuring interviews with CEOs of such leading corporations as Kodak and American Express, Sheth and Sobel, two of the field's preeminent authorities, outline a series of proven skills and techniques that seperate the extraordinary from the ordinary. Readers will learn how to build trust through consistency and reliability, balance professional independence with client devotion, practice crucial "big picture thinking" and much more. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780684870304
Publisher Simon & Schuster Ltd
Imprint Simon & Schuster Ltd
Number of Pages 272
Publication Date 15072002
Binding Paperback

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