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Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

-By Linda Williamson

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Book Summary

A medium explains what causes ghosts and earthbound spirits and how to remove them.

For the last twenty years, medium Linda Williamson has been helping clients to contact loved ones who have passed over. Her latest book, Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits, will be of interest to everyone who is fascinated by ghosts and hauntings, or who thinks they may have a spirit attached to them or their home. Based on Linda's own extraordinary experiences, and the stories of other mediums, the book examines the subject in depth, answering key questions such as: Why do spirits become earthbound? What is it like to be a ghost? What are poltergeists? Do evil spirits exist? How do we move them on? Linda describes how, with the aid of her spirit helpers, she endeavours to contact earthbound spirits so that they can be freed from their unhappy condition. This insightful book will also help you to understand how mediums are trained to carry out spirit releases, and provides sensible advice on how to protect yourself against intrusion by troubled or troublesome spirits. short..

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ISBN-13 9780749926564
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Piatkus Books
Number of Pages 256
Publication Date 23022006
Binding Paperback

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