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Maya Prophecy: Discover What 2012 Holds for You

-By Ronald Bonewitz

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Book Summary

2012, the end date of the Maya calendar, is fast approaching ...

According to the Maya calendar, there have been four Suns. At the end of every Sun, the world has experienced a cataclysm and civilisation has collapsed. The current Sun ends on 23 December 2012 - what does that mean for us? Maya Prophecy provides a clear and accessible introduction to the Maya warnings for our future. Dr Ronald Bonewitz explores how all aspects of Maya culture provide support for the accuracy of the Maya prophecy, from the planning of Maya cities and temple systems to the Maya system of mathematics. Discover full details of the prophecy and how it will affect your life; the sophistication of Maya astronomy and the accuracy of the Maya number system. Combining evidence from other cultures as well as the Maya, this book explains exactly what has been foretold and how we can prepare for the future. short..

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ISBN-13 9780749929879
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Piatkus Books
Number of Pages 176
Publication Date 06112008
Binding Paperback

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