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Data Mining Methods and Applications

-By Kenneth D. Lawrence

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Book Summary

Addressing a variety of organizational issues, this book presents a compilation of research works on data mining and forecasting techniques, including multivariate, evolutionary, and neural net methods. It focuses on data mining techniques used for conducting marketing research.

With today's information explosion, many organizations are now able to access a wealth of valuable data. Unfortunately, most of these organizations find they are ill-equipped to organize this information, let alone put it to work for them. Gain a Competitive Advantage Employ data mining in research and forecasting Build models with data management tools and methodology optimization Gain sophisticated breakdowns and complex analysis through multivariate, evolutionary, and neural net methods Learn how to classify data and maintain quality Transform Data into Business Acumen Data Mining Methods and Applications supplies organizations with the data management tools that will allow them to harness the critical facts and figures needed to improve their bottom line. Drawing from finance, marketing, economics, science, and healthcare, this forward thinking volume: Demonstrates how the transformation of data into business intelligence is an essential aspect of strategic decision-making Emphasizes the use of data mining concepts in real-world scenarios with large database components Focuses on data mining and forecasting methods in conducting market research short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780849385223
Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Imprint Auerbach Publishers Inc.
Number of Pages 336
Publication Date 07012008
Binding Hardback

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