UK Government & Politics Annual Update: 2015

Neil McNaughton

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UK Government & Politics Annual Update: 2015

-By Neil McNaughton

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Book Summary

Topical, up-to-date and essential reading for exam success.

Featuring information and analysis of recent events in UK politics, UK Government & Politics Annual Update provides you with topical material to draw on for tasks throughout your course, and for answering examination questions. Written by an experienced teacher and examiner and edited by an acknowledged expert in the field of UK politics, this is the book you need if you are aiming for the highest grades at AS. - Reviews all the key events and developments in UK politics that you need to know - Up-to-date examples and data to help you present knowledgeable and persuasive arguments - Written by an experienced teacher and examiner who knows what you need to know to get your top grades - The perfect update for your textbook, bringing you right up to date with all the topical material you need to achieve your best in your exams Contents 1. 2014 Euro-elections: an earthquake in British politics? 2. Scottish independence referendum: why did the 'No' campaign win? 3. Devolution: where now for devolution? 4. 2010-15 fixed-term parliament: has it worked? 5. Liberal Democrats: closer to Labour or the Conservatives? 6. Pressure groups: have the internet and social media affected their activities? 7. The Cabinet reshuffle: a ruthless display of prime ministerial power? 8. Prime Minister's Questions: more than just a pantomime? 9. Ed Miliband: the wrong brother? 10. Briefings short..

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ISBN-13 9781471833403
Publisher Hodder Education
Imprint Philip Allan Updates
Number of Pages 72
Publication Date 30012015
Binding Paperback

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