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W.B.Yeats: The Love Poems

-By W. B. Yeats

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Book Summary

Yeats' evocative and idealistic romantic poetry has never been more popular. This text compiles all his most powerful and distinctive work and includes full notes on the poems and directions for further reading.

'Man is in love and loves what vanishes,/ What more is there to say?' Yeats' idealism permeates his love poetry, whether it is his love for Maud Gonne, Olivia Shakespear or even for Ireland itself. This was the essence of Yeats' genius, central to the attraction he holds for readers today. However, following his disillusionment in middle age after Maud Gonne married John MacBride, his style became more direct, austere and forceful. Yeats' comments on loves in his later life are particularly evocative, providing deeply moving portraits of people and places. In old age Yeats wrote with an increasing urgency and at times even of disappointment and tragedy, but he continued to portray the experience of love most effectively and challengingly. An excellent introduction puts Yeats' work within the context of his life and loves; the notes accompanying each poem putting each, from the youthful Rose of Intellectual Beauty to the Testimony of Later Years, into the sharpest possible focus. short..

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ISBN-13 9781856264556
Publisher Kyle Books
Imprint Kyle Cathie
Number of Pages 160
Publication Date 30082002
Binding Paperback

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