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Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis

-By Douglas C. Montgomery

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Book Summary

Introduction To Linear Regression Analysis 3rd Edition is a book that focuses on the technique of regression analysis, which is of vital importance in various important fields such as management, social sciences, and economics, among others.

Introduction To Linear Regression Analysis 3rd Edition provides the readers with an extensive study on the concepts of linear regression analysis, which is used extensively in various fields today. Some of these fields include management and economics. The readers are introduced to the technique and are provided with numerous applications of this technique, some of which are common ones while the others are rather rare. Autocorrelated errors, regression model validation, bootstrapping regression estimates, and various other topics on this technique have been included in this book. Generalized linear models have also been spoken of at length by the authors. Robust regression techniques and indicator variables have also been discussed here. The appendix provided in this book includes a great deal of information on the theory of linear models. The ftp site also provides the readers with added information on this topic that can be of great benefit to them. This information is inclusive of problem solutions and data sets that have been provided in the book as well. All of these features make Introduction To Linear Regression Analysis 3rd Edition an extremely helpful one for those who are seeking knowledge about this technique. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9788126510474
Publisher Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Imprint Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Number of Pages 672
Publication Date
Language English
Binding Paperback

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