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C# 2008 Programmer's Reference

-By Wei-meng Lee

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Book Summary

C# 2008 Programmer’s Reference provides all C# programmers with a concise and thorough reference on all aspects of the language. Each chapter contains detailed code samples that provides a quick and easy way to understand the key concepts covered. C# is Microsoft’s powerful programming language that's easy to learn and much easier to leverage than C or C++. It is now considered the most popular and widely used new programming languages and has experienced staggering growth because it combines the very best of languages such as Java, J++, CGI, PERL, C/C++, and Visual Basic. C# 2008 brings new features that make it a more powerful programming language than ever before. Whether C# developers are looking to learn the latest features of C# 2008, or they want a refresher of easily forgotten details, this book is an ideal resource and reference. · The .NET Framework · Getting Started with Visual Studio 2008 · C# Language Foundations · Classes and Objects · Interfaces · Inheritance · Delegates and Events · Strings and Regular Expressions · Generics · Threading · Files and Streams · Exception Handling (drop s) · Collections · Language Integrated Query (LINQ) · Assemblies and Versioning · Developing Windows Applications · Developing Web Applications · Developing Windows Mobile Applications · Developing Silverlight Applications · WCF short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9788126518999
Publisher Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Imprint Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Number of Pages 840
Publication Date
Language English
Binding Paperback

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