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Applied Psychometry

-By Narender Kumar Chadha

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Book Summary

Applied Psychometry is unique in that it serves a dual purpose. While discussing various aspects of psychometry from an applied perspective, it also takes into account the matching theoretical orientation. This book focuses on the theory and practice of psychometry for post-graduate and research students of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

Applied Psychometry is designed as a core textbook on practice of psychometry for undergraduate and post-graduate students of psychology and human resource management. It will help the students in their study of the following papers: " B.A. Programme Psychology (Core): Psychological Assessment; " B.A. Honours Psychology (Core): Psychology: Psychometry or Psychological Assessment 1 and 2; " M.A. Psychology: Psychological Assessment 1 and 2; and " Human Resource Management: Recruitment and Selection, Psychological Assessment This book is unique in that it deals with the origin and development of psychometry in India, along with tracing the historical evolution of psychometry at the global level. It emphasizes on the 'application' part of psychometry and has a matching theoretical orientation. The other important features of the book include: " A section called 'Testware' which deals with the applications of SPSS Software to psychometric calculations. " Incorporation of current issues and debates, like the rise of Qualitative Research Methodology and its implications on the theory and practice of psychometry. " An active teaching-learning interface with many examples and activities. " Chapters on multivariate techniques like factor analysis, its applications and real data treatment. " An Instructor's Manual This book also discusses the application of psychiatry in the educational, organizational, clinical and developmental settings, among others. It tries to equip its readers with the use of latest technological developments in the field, like computer applications and the use of relevant software packages, by explaining actual solutions to selected research problems. short..

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ISBN-13 9788132100782
Publisher SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Imprint SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Number of Pages 384
Publication Date 30062009
Binding Paperback

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