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Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation

-By John R. Vacca

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Book Summary

Terrorist attacks are no longer relegated to airports and federal buildings. Using personal computers as their weapons, hackers and cirminals (some only 11 years old) have attacked the Internet, government agencies, financial companies, small businesses, and credit card accounts of unsuspecting individuals. This book/CD package provides a complete overview of computer forensics from its definition to 'crime scene investigation,' seizure of data, determining the 'fingerprints' of the crime, and tracking down the criminal. The book focuses on 'solving the crime' rather than information security.KEY FEATURESComprehensive overview of the subject from definitions to data recovery techniques to auditing methods to terrorist cyber-attacksCase studies and vignettes of actual computer crimesSelected Topics: Computer Forensics Fundamentals; Data Recovery; Evidence Collection And Data Seizure; Duplication And Preservation of Digital Evidence; Electronic Evidence Reconstructing Past Events' Deterrence through Attacker ID; Destruction of e-mail; Is the U.S. Government Prepared for Information Warfare; The Dark World of the Cyber Underground; Protection against Random Terrorist Information Warfare Tactics; The Cyber Foot Print and Criminal Tracking; The Individual Exposed; Case Studies and VignettesCD includes tools, presentations, and demos of the latest computer forensics software, including partition images from The Forensic Challenge Table Of Contents : Contents:1. Computer Forensics Fundamentals; 2. Types of Computer Forensics Technology; 3. Types of Vendor and Computer Forensics Services; 4. Computer Forensics Evidence and Capture; 5. Data Recovery; 6. Evidence Collection and Data Seizure; 7. Duplication and Preservation of Digital Evidence; 8. Computer Image Verification and Aughentication; 9. Computer Forensics Analysis; 10. Discovery of Electronic Evidence; 11. The Information Warfare Arsenal and Tactics of the Military; 12. The Information Warfare Arsenal and Tactics of Terrorist and Rouges; 13. Identification of Data; 14. Reconstructing Past Events; 15. Networks; 16. Countermeasures: Information Warfare; 17. Fighting Against Macro Threats: Defensive Strategies for Governments and Inustry Groups; 18. Information Warfare Arsenal of the Future; 19. Surveillance Tools for Information Warfare of the Future; 20. Civilian Casualties - The Victims and Regugees of Information Warfare; 21. The Information Warfare Arsenal and Tactics of Private Companies; 22. Advanced Computer Forensics short..

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ISBN-13 9788170083412
Publisher Laxmi Publications
Imprint Laxmi Publications
Number of Pages 600
Publication Date 01122005
Language English
Binding Paperback

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