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Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye

-By Rujuta Diwekar

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Book Summary

Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye (Hindi) is a guide into losing weight in a healthy way, without following crash diets and extreme exercise regimes.

With the trending size-zero figures, people often need to realize that dieting is not chopping down their diet to host unrealistic figure sizes, but rather to have higher levels of energy and live healthier. In her book, Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye (Hindi), renowned nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, guides her readers into the healthy way to lose weight. This book is the Hindi translation of her bestseller, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. In this book, Diwekar explains the fundamentals of nutrition, emphasizing the need for individuals to lose weight without losing their sanity. Diwekar starts off by explaining the need to strike the right balance between meal deprivation and over-indulgence. She also highlights the common misconceptions of those who embark on their diet and nutrition plan. By including personal experiences and quotes, Diwekar guides the readers into the internal working of the human body. Unlike traditional nutrition principles that revolve around dieting, Diwekar explains the benefits of eating right to lose weight. This book has been divided into six parts, each dealing with different aspects of dieting. In the first part, Diwekar tackles the current trends in the dieting world, explaining that eating can be more beneficial than dieting. She goes on to guide the readers how they can train their stomachs and have a balanced diet. In the subsequent chapters, Diwekar deals with different nutrients present in food, and moves on to explain ways to make pizza and jamuns, a healthy addition to an individual’s meal plan. She also outlines four vital principles of eating right and explains how to implement these principles for a better life. Diwekar summarizes her secret weight loss program into three steps- a person should first comprehend their body’s functioning, plan accordingly, and slowly move towards healthier food choices. At the end of this book, Kareena Kapoor, a famous Bollywood actor, shares her fitness journey with the readers, along with tips for a slimmer waist. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9788184000689
Publisher Random House, India
Imprint Random House, India
Number of Pages
Publication Date 01022010
Language Hindi
Binding Paperback

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