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Moby Dick

-By Herman Melville

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Book Summary

Campfire Graphic Novels adapts Herman Melville's classic novel of the sea in Moby Dick.

Captain Ahab had one sole purpose in life. It was a simple task, straightforward in its direction. He did not aspire after a mythical treasure, or women aplenty. He did not want to be a king or an emperor. He just wanted to kill a whale. It was payback, merely payback for the years and years of torment it had given him. He hated it for filling his mind with ideas of grandeur and revenge for costing him his leg. However, it was no ordinary whale that Ahab wanted dead. The whale was the only and only Whale, the terrifying and monstrous Moby Dick. Can Captain Ahab carry out his suicidal plan, or will he find that along the high seas of the ocean of vengeance, there lies no redemption for the criminally insane? short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9788190732673
Publisher Campfire
Imprint Campfire
Number of Pages 88
Publication Date 01062010
Language English
Binding Paperback

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