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Accidentally in Love!

-By Nikita Singh

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Book Summary

Accidentally In Love takes a bold and racy look at relationships in the 21st century, through its lead protagonist Chhavi Mukharjee, a young model in Mumbai struggling to find fame and fortune. But will she end up finding love instead, against her best efforts not to fall in love?

Set in Mumbai, Nikita Singh’s Accidentally In Love revolves around its main character, Chhavi Mukharjee, a model struggling to make a name for herself in the cut-throat modelling industry. In the fiercely competitive modelling world where people are just waiting to tear her down, she has no time to date, and does not believe in love. Subscribing to the modern generation’s casual views on love and relationships, she finds love overrated. Then one day, fate strikes as she meets Tushar, a cute photographer struggling to find a foothold in the glamour industry just like her. Sparks fly between them and they end up getting physical on the first date. Not bothered with commitment, both then decide to carry on a passionate, no-strings-attached, open relationship on their own terms. However, as time goes by, contrary to her initial casual attitude towards Tushar, Chhavi finds herself getting more and more involved with him, causing her heart and mind to conflict, adding a twist to this new age love-story. Meanwhile, Chhavi’s close friend Vatsala is dating Ankit, who loves her a lot, but she is confused about him and contemplates going back to her old flame, Ronit. Accidentally In Love follows the relationship between the two friends as they each pursue love in their own way. short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9788192222684
Publisher Grapevine India Publishers
Imprint Grapevine India Publishers
Number of Pages
Publication Date 31122011
Language English
Binding Paperback

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